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There’s a Brazilian
reasons to ‘get waxed’

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There’s a Brazilian reasons to ‘get waxed’

With warm wax the wax is spread over the area after which a paper strip is pressed over it to adhere to both the wax and hairs, and then pulled off removing the hairs in that area from the root. Because it is applied and removed straight away, the warm wax can be used quickly and efficiently over large areas such as the legs, arms, etc.

Our highly skilled therapists will make your waxing and threading treatments as quick and comfortable as possible. We offer a wide selection of waxing and threading options for our male and female clients.

Hot Wax

Warmed to a slightly higher temperature, hot wax is a much thicker wax made up of plastics too to allow it to set hard. It is applied to the skin, allowed to cool and set, and then pulled directly off without the use of a paper strip. As it takes a moment for hot wax to cool and set, this kind of wax is usually used over smaller areas for more efficient treatments times. Areas on the face like the upper lip as well as the pubic area are most commonly treated with hot wax.

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